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"Blue Tulip"

Our next shoe is called "Blue Tulip" and is inspired by some of the most unique places in the world. We wanted to make an exception by getting out of the great paintings of the Prado Museum and bringing the mind to an almost medieval village in northern Romania. 

The so-called "Happy Cemetery" is a work of art from the last century where people will not mourn the loss of their loved ones. 
but they're going to laugh at every comic or fable told in the lapida! In such a way that the worst defects or manias of the deceased are taken and used to create an innocent humour and make you laugh! Small paragraphs of monologue, which speak of the life of the deceased with humor and joy, characterizing him as a fable character.

Carved oak crosses, oil portraits on top of the stone, vivid blue and yellow colours add freshness and life to such a unique place. Far from being a cemetery, it is a museum of art and humour that is unique in the world. 

From here we get those vivid colors for our next model and add that painted wooden heel, as artisans work in this area of northern Romania.

"Gold Bread"

The angler De Francisco De Goya is our next protagonist.

In this case, the yellowish color is pursued, perhaps in some spacious mustard and other times until arriving to golden, of the bottom. The leaves are the decorative object of our next shoe and that brown color bronze autumn, aimed to fall inspired us too.

We decided to play with the elegance of the black shoe, the king par excellence of all looks but adding our touch Del Prado.

"Sweet Apple"

La dulzura y el aromo de este cuadro de Jose Ferrer nos inspira para nuestro siguiente modelo que lo hemos bautizado «Dulce manzana».
In this case we also took the chromatic aroma and played with our colors to give the most similar appearance to this painting.
Mixing the tonalities of strong red of the apples and the blue petroleum of the bottom we have given to light to our most daring and funny model.
By adding large wool pompoms and a crystal stone in the middle, we respect the circular shape of the apples in the picture.
They combine with the naturalness of the painting and respect its geometric shape and basic colours.

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