Stilletos abiertos por detrás y vestidos, la pareja ideal.​

The stilettos open from behind and the dresses form the ideal couple. A fashion classic. It is ideal for any season of the year no matter if the dress is long or short.
(Our line of black stilettos accompanied by the golden color in this case opened from behind.)

If you want to stylize your figure, choose a minimum height of 8 cm. If you like to wear a skirt, this type of shoe will give you that touch you need, professional but also something more informal. Although it's autumn you don't have to choose dark colours to combine this shoe as it has details in golden colour to combine with almost any colour. You can choose a look where pastel shades are the protagonists. You can also wear a black skirt and choose the top a jacket or a pink or green shirt, colors that are causing so much excitement this year.

If you are looking for a daily look where you can put this type of shoe closed in front and open behind, here we have our proposal for you. A pair of pincer pants like a sack or simply a cloth pants that you can match with a shirt or shirt and a blazer, could have an elegant look and that is the trend of celebrities right now.

The issue is that many women think that this type of shoe should be worn on special occasions and that is completely false, as this shoe allows you to wear any day of the week combined with any look. In fact, no shoe has the same capacity as the open stilettos to form on its own such a unique and different look. Whether you wear narrow jeans that feel like a glove, shorts or a miniskirt, a long dress or a monkey. With an informal look or a model for big days of event or even combined with a black leather jacket we could get a more rock style.

They have their versatility with the decorative string, as it gives you the option of using it in looks that you need to highlight your footwear and attract more attention or take it off for everyday. The material, the acclaimed patent leather in case it adds a touch of exquisiteness and specialty.

¿Cuándo y cómo me puedo poner unos stilletos?​

Destalonados, con un tacón mas que cómodo de 8 cm, son los típicos tacones que aguantan una noche de fiesta y hasta alguna cena con amigos.

You can wear a little makeup on your face with a simple, accidentally beautiful, hairless bow.

The loose hair and well highlighted eyes, would be the other option to wear these wonderful stilettos or perhaps adding some crazy and accompanying the golden leaf of the shoe with a braid and sexy red lips.

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